Fire Protection Coating and Industrial Coatings

Fire Proofing - Spray Fire Prevention

Panhandle Lining and Coatings is a leader in providing total professional fireproofing services. We are serving Pensacola and the rest of the panhandle at residential, commercial, industrial and marine sites. You can trust us to deliver a secure barrier that prevents the fire from starting or spreading. Protecting lives and investments as well as providing safety and peace of mind.

Spray Coatings - Polyurethane, Polyurea Hybrids

The 3rd dimension counts! Thicker is better – the height of our spray on bed liners beats all national branded or generic polyurea and/or polyhybrid. As a Spray-Lining Dealer we provide a lifetime warranty and unconditional on truck beds. No warranty comes close to the Spray-Lining manufacturer backed, lifetime, unconditional warranty. Not Rhinolinings, Line-x, Scorpion, UltimateLinings or any other Spray Bedliner vendor. Ours transfers with the asset for it’s lifetime. The Spray-Lining manufacturer backed warranty covers trailers, flatbeds, boats, real estate, and most other assets from corrosion, decay, and wear and tear. Not only physical protection, but piece of mind as well. Get the best spray bedliner warranty.


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